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Oren is the Co-Founder and CEO of ElectRoad.

Oren holds M.Sc in System Engineering from the Technion and B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering.

Oren founded ElectRoad in 2013 with a mission to reduce air pollution and dependence on oil.
Prior to ElectRoad, Oren served as Chief electronic engineer at Elbit Systems and led the excellent group for real-time processors. He was a Director of R&D department at ElOp, led the innovation process and absorption of new technologies.

Oren has acquired knowledge in managing large scale multidisciplinary projects for well-known international companies such as Boeing (Brazil, U.S.A), TATA (India), Lockheed Martin (U.S.A), Dassault (French) and more.
Oren has managed strategic projects such as Autonomous vehicles and tracking systems based laser and cameras.